Linda and I were were married and a team in this juggling journey. Linda was the mover and shaker who was a great net worker. I was shy to talk about the ideas until I was in front of a group that were there to hear me speak. Linda was the one who created the events and coordinated them like a professional promoter. I would not have been able to do any where near what we did without her energy, talent, ideas and gift of gab, she is a great talker and organizer.

Linda did all the sewing of the beanbags and we are talking about hundreds of denim beanbags. I cut the her design out of old jeans and Linda would work on her sewing machine and then I would stuff them with hard corn and we would close them up. It was hard work using the machine and Linda did it for years. Without her doing the beanbags we never would have been able to do all the large groups we taught at once, often up to 30 or more people. We would go teach full classes of students all day long.

Linda was also my greatest emotional supporter as we worked to be entrepreneurs and she had many great ideas.

This is just the beginning of my sharing of Linda's tremendous contributions to our efforts and I will be sharing her accomplishments in many of the stories of our history to spread the lessons of juggling and the brain research that was happening at the time.

Dad sent me to Pete and Press Maravich's summer basketball camp when I was in the eighth grade. It was awesome. Press was Pete's Dad and also his coach. They developed an array of ball handling exercises that I practiced constantly. One of their main goals was to teach using both hands when doing the drills. A basketball player that can dribble and move to both the left and right is harder to cover on defense.

It is very interesting that a lot of the drills include the infinity sign and that later on the Brain Gym exercises also use the infinity sign for many of the activities. The Lazy 8 is an eye exercise which is following the infinity sign.

Notice in the video below how the basketballs move in the infinity sign as they are juggled.

Juggling basketballs is a great ball handling drill. You have to control the ball with each hand and you are working the left just as well as the right hand.

Watching Steph Curry warm-up before an NBA game is like watching evolution of the activities that the Maravich's taught back in the 60's.

I thought juggling basketballs would be part of training by now but it will happen.

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