Hurricane Fundraiser with Kevin's


The object is how many rotations of the juggling move can be completed without a drop, the same as March of Dimes for each mile walked.  

Kevin's Combination is explained in more detail in the blog for this website.

The object is to exercise the eyes by moving the beanbags in an infinity sign movement so that every visual zone is being worked out.

I completed 15 consecutive cycles and am sponsoring myself and  chose one dollar per cycle so the check to The Red Cross to assist people affected by the hurricane will be $15 this time.  I downloaded the donation page from The Red Cross website and will send in the check with the letter which allows me to pick where I want the money to go to help.


The following video was done in 2009 and is the first explanation of the combo.

This slideshow shows how the eyes track in each of the visual fields.

This is the first video of doing the combo back in 2009.  

I taught juggling to hundreds of students and adults  over 30 years.  Back in the 1970's there was a lot of excitement about the new brain research and how to apply it to education.  I wrote several manuscripts and self published and also did many videos,  Recently with the severe weather I decided to do a website to raise money for organizations that are on the ground helping folks caught in these disasters.

With the technology available today I can express through video, words, slideshows and images the work I have done over the years that hopefully others can use.  The blog pages are great because I can put my manuscripts in the blog so that will be a fun, ongoing project. 

To donate watch this space for the next video and decide how much you want to donate per cycle then donate directly to The Red Cross or your preferred charity.  

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